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an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) significant for selling my home?
What’s an EPC?

The EPC’s a standardised file which rates properties with regard to energy efficiency, and which house sellers must supply to prospective buyers.
EPCs contain advice regarding the propertys energy use and prices in addition to recommendations about the best way to make it even more efficient and more economical to run.
Sellers in Scotland have to supply a more wide-ranging house report, including an EPC, together with a survey as well as a property questionnaire
Ive already paid for a Green Price evaluation, do I want an EPC as well?

No, Green Deal evaluations comprise of two files, one of which is an EPC (the other is called an Occupancy Evaluation and contains personalised family advice). That means you won’t need to cover it again
The Green Deal enables homeowners to borrow money for energy-economy developments and stipulates the repayments won’t exceed the economies made from those developments
Your EPC will suggest whether cash for the recommended improvements is accessible under the deal.
Does everyone want one?

EPCs aren’t needed for listed buildings. The reason being enhancements for example installing double glazing are frequently prohibited on these sorts of kinds of buildings due to the fact that they need structural changes
If you’re not exempt, you should have at least applied for an EPC by the time you place your house available on the marketplace.
I was granted an EPC when I purchased the property is it still valid?

Click the link for a listing of accredited energy assessors in your region and shop around for the most affordable
In Scotland, the price of a house report begins at around 600.
Should you leave it to your estate agent to organize an EPC, remember that they’ll most likely charge fee.
Will an pricey EPC be more appealing to buyers?

No, any EPC will let you sell your home, so dont worry about trying to find the reassuringly expensive alternative.

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